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#28 fixed Win32 downloads not working moo Chris

Get a "page not found" error (in a weird font) at:

when I try to access the Win32.

Thanks, C

#132 worksforme XCache w/ Multiple "Count" option on IIS w/ PHP via FastCGI Fails to Load moo ComputerGuru@…

Running PHP 5.2.4-nts on IIS 6 via FastCGI and latest XCache 1.2.1-nts module.

If the "count" option in php.ini is set to > 1, FastCGI processes do not spawn correctly.

Setting the "count" option to 1 resolves this issue.

This is applicable for both var and opcode caches.

#254 fixed compiling yes after some time moo CyberCr33p

On one of my servers the xcache after some time shows for php#0 or php#1 compiling = yes and after this I see a lot of clogs.

I tried to disable ioncube, change php-fpm from dynamic php processes to static processes and still the same issue. The php processes don't crash (no SIGSEGV) as I can see if crash (SIGSEGV) from php-fpm.log when I use log level = debug.

I tried to store core dumps on /tmp/phpcore but nothing there either as it doesn't core dump.

Do you have any tips to troubleshoot it or any idea what it may cause it?

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