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#165 invalid Configure Apache moo WoLeRiNe

I use Apache2.2 wih "Server API CGI". How can i enable xcache for this systems? So I must ise Apache in cgi mode. Thanks.

#229 fixed Reching of var_cache RAM limit cause Apache to swap alot moo wips

We have 128M limit for variables cache. On some of our servers it may be reached sometimes. And after that happens Apache start slowly swapping on HDD until it reaches max swap size (16G) allowed by OS, which causing unpredictable server behavior.

One interesting thing about it, is that swap grows to its limit when server isn't loaded (we have pure night traffic and high load at work time). But while server is under high load, everything works approximately as it should be. You can see this situation on a picture below (it's an MRTG graph of free/used memory).

At present time problem solved by rolling back to 1.2.2 version, but it has other bug -, which is critical for us too.

System params: FreeBSD 7.1, PHP 5.2.9, XCache 1.3.0 (1.2.2), RAM - 4G, max swap size - 16GB, Apache 2.11.

#330 fixed Compilation failure windows xcache 3.0.3 moo weltling

Well, the config.w32 is very complicated. All that rexeg magic over m4, so here's an error. Please consider the attached patch, multiple occurences of the XCACHE_INDENT need 'g' flag.

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