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#196 fixed files missing from ADMIN sub-directory of latest win32 binary release moo anonymous

The following files are missing from the ADMIN sub-directory of the Windows binary release "XCache 1.2.2 for php 5.2.5":

edit.php edit.tpl.php footer.tpl.php header.tpl.php tablesort.js

#205 fixed all function to lowercase moo anonymous

When i try XCache i see in my log error: PHP Fatal error: Cannot redeclare getuser() in /xxxxxx/includes/global.php on line 7 in /xxxxxx/includes/global.php on line 7 i have function with name getUser. Without XCache i don't have this problem.

#210 invalid Is this project dead? moo anonymous

There have only been 2 releases in over 2 years. Are you planning on continuing to support this project or no?

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