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#314 wontfix Fatal error class redeclaration after return statement moo afxdesign

Hello, I have experienced a problem where xcache loads a class incorrectly before a validating if statement which would otherwise return/exit the script. Wrapping the class in else brackets resolves this issue, however I have seen this syntax in use in a number of Wordpress plugins which might mean its worth looking into this.

The code works as expected with xcache disabled and with APC. You can view a youtube video demonstrating this at:



$test = new SomeClass();
echo $test->someVar;

debug1 & debug2 are duplicate files:

if(class_exists('SomeClass')) return;
class SomeClass {
    var $someVar = "test";
#158 invalid Fatal error: Cannot redeclare function() with xcache 1.2.2 moo ctribe

I've just installed Xcache to optimize vbulletin board but it's causing me some problems with website code.

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare manipulatetextforie() in /home/blabla/public_html/psp/functions.php on line 14

I'm using te latest 1.2.2 xcache

#209 invalid Feature Request for XCache: Cluster/Distributed computing moo ryan14@…

I have a feature request for XCache.

You should have a feature where after XCache is added to PHP, XCache generates an app that the website admin puts on his/her website, then visitors to the website can download and run the app which will mean they will become part of the web server, so when people access the PHP site, some data will be downloaded from the main server and some data and cpu usage will come from anyone who downloaded and is running the app. The app could use 1 kilobit per second of each user's net connection.

This feature will definitely speed up php websites with slow servers, decrease the server load, and reduce bandwidth.

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