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#8 fixed Add docs for admin pages moo Adam

There is no documentation for installing and using the XCache admin pages. A page explaining what each variable meant would be helpful.

#32 invalid Problem with proxy requests and authentication moo Adam

Recently I moved my PHP app to use a multiplexing proxy. It takes incoming connections, holds them, creates its own connections to the webserver(lighttpd or apache) and passes requests through its own connections. When doing this I noticed users were seeing eachother's data. This behavior only appears in xcache and affects both apache and lighttpd with keep alives on or off. Using other PHP caching programs such as APC fixed this problem.

#331 duplicate Refcount of variables appears wrong moo AlexisWilke

Hi guys,

I'm on Ubuntu with version 2.0.0 and could not see any ticket in regard to this bug. The Refcount in the admin screens shown for PHP snippets is correct. In most cases it is zero. However, for variables, it looks like something went wrong...

In most cases I see 4294967296 which is hexadecimal is 0x0000:0001:0000:0000, which looks like a 64 bits swapped value (i.e. if Refcount is expected to be 1 by default.)

The other number I see is similar to 140273040694784 -- that number varies -- which in hexadecimal seems to represent a memory address, this one is: 0x7F93DCC31E00.

I would hope it was fixed since version 2.0.0, but that's all that Ubuntu currently offers and since I did not see another report about this problem, I though I would create one anyway.

The cache seems to be working just fine otherwise.

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