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#314 wontfix Fatal error class redeclaration after return statement moo afxdesign

Hello, I have experienced a problem where xcache loads a class incorrectly before a validating if statement which would otherwise return/exit the script. Wrapping the class in else brackets resolves this issue, however I have seen this syntax in use in a number of Wordpress plugins which might mean its worth looking into this.

The code works as expected with xcache disabled and with APC. You can view a youtube video demonstrating this at:



$test = new SomeClass();
echo $test->someVar;

debug1 & debug2 are duplicate files:

if(class_exists('SomeClass')) return;
class SomeClass {
    var $someVar = "test";
#230 invalid Call to undefined function xcache_unset_by_prefix() moo ahmednuaman

Is there a special setting, maybe in the INI, that turns on the function xcache_unset_by_prefix?

#121 invalid xcache ignores mtime of cached files. moo alexo

Not sure if it's bug or 'feature', but I want modified files to be recached instead of cleaning up whole cache using apachectl graceful.

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