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#188 invalid XCache don't working? moo Ranma


my name is Alex, I am italian, sorry for my bad english. I have a vBulletin forum, 3.6.8 PL2, and I installaed your Xcache modifications for vBulletin. I have a dedicated server, I ask to my hosting and they have installed Xcache 1.2.1 on my server! When I enter to XCache 1.2.1 Administration, I don't see in "List Var Data" any details and list of compressed pages, templates!

How is possible? Where is the problem..?

You can see these images:


#189 fixed Problem at your pages moo Seregwethrin


Your pages gives error "Error: Failed to load processor ShellExample No macro or processor named 'ShellExample' found"

We can't open the wiki pages. Please check it out.

GOod works.

#199 fixed PHP wrapper object code moo Shnapoo

Hi there,

I was unable to log into the website (although giving right password for sure). Just wanted to inform you of a tiny bug in the XCache wrapper object code provided here.

It currently doesn't handle its singleton correctly. When calling xcache::getInstance() you get a new instance each time, because the class doesn't store the reached out instance.

Bad version:

public static function getInstance() 
    return (self::$xcobj instanceof XCache) ? self::$xcobj : new XCache; 

Fixed version should look like:

public static function getInstance() 
    if( !(self::$xcobj instanceof XCache) ){
        self::$xcobj = new XCache;
    return self::$xcobj; 
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