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#121 invalid xcache ignores mtime of cached files. moo alexo

Not sure if it's bug or 'feature', but I want modified files to be recached instead of cleaning up whole cache using apachectl graceful.

#37 fixed xcache_get SEGV using objects moo judas_iscariote

PHP 5.1.6 xcache_get SEGV with objects.

//php built in stdClass
xcache_set("foo" , new stdClass);


well, I expect either and error if objects are not supported, or the actual stored object var_dump'ed but not a segv :)

#264 fixed xcache fails with hardlinked sources and gallery2 moo Der_Judge

Hi there,

I'm running several servers with Gentoo Linux. Gentoo Linux uses a concept of hardlinking sources of php apps to achieve multiple goals:

  • It saves a lot of diskspace / inodes
  • You can update all instances of this software at the same time
  • The caching of sources with eaccelerator or xcache is more effective, since all identical scripts have to be cache only once
  • Backups are done faster


In short: There are many pluses by using this concept, which is why many other people are using this concept besides from Gentoo, too.

On the xcache website is a list of tested applications, including Gallery2. I'm using Gallery2 with xcache and hardlinked sources on my server and I'm encountering the same issue with xcache now which I encountered using eaccelerator:

When xcache is active, on _every_ site that content of the gallery is shown, which first hit the cache. For example: You are running a gallery2 at , another one at and a third one at on the same server and xcache is active. Now someone accesses and afterwards the other ones. This will result in that way, that everyone who visits _any_ of these galleries will see the content of .

I can provide a root login and a demo if necessary, but I'd like to not post it here. I'm loged in to freenode everyday and my registered username is "Judge" there. A second option to get in contact is to instant message me with AIM - my Screenname is mfcjudge . I Also use Jabber : thejudge@… . Finally, you can write me a email at mailYYYY@… (replace YYYY by current year).

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