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#326 fixed Opcode SPEC for 5.4 moo drakmor

This is patch SPEC for new opcodes PHP 5.4

#305 wontfix Order of class declaration in same PHP file moo shumisha


Some of our customers are having issues running some PHP code on machines running XCache. Don't have exact PHP/XCache versions, as this happens on several machines, but XCache is the common point, and issue appear/Disappear with XCache on/off.

Code is as follow:

<?php $condition = /* some software version condition */ if($condition) {

class myClass extends baseClass {

protected function aMethod($param) {

do something



} else {

class myClass extends baseClass {

protected function aMethod( & $param) {

do something




class baseClass {


/ end of file /

In other words, the baseClass is declared after the top level class extending it.

This is valid PHP code, but with XCache on it fails, PHP throwing a Fatal error: "Class 'baseClass' not found in .....

Can this be fixed please?


#194 worksforme PHP 5.3 class type hint must be null error with namespaces moo tom@…

Using xcache from svn trunk, once any class that uses class type hints in a method definition with null as the default value has been cached, php engine will throw a fatal error complaining that the default value is *not* null, if you "use" the same namespace as the one you are working in.

trivial example:

namespace My::NS;

use My::NS;

class A {
    public function test(A $obj=null) {

actual result: "Fatal error: Default value for parameters with a class type hint can only be NULL in ..."

expected: no errors

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