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#175 Feature File Upload new moo enhancement undecided cacher
#308 Using file system events to detect changed files new moo enhancement 5.0.0 cacher
#362 a bug in class Decompiler_Binop for Decompiler.class.php new moo defect undecided website
#268 choosing specified cache slot for xcache_set assigned moo enhancement 3.3.0 cacher
#289 class loading fails using stream_wrapper_register for the file:// protocol with xcache enabled accepted moo defect undecided cacher
#226 delete single files from cache new moo enhancement 3.3.0 cacher
#237 xcache_get() takes out write lock new moo defect 5.0.0 cacher
#176 xcache_isset support XC_TYPE_PHP assigned moo defect 5.0.0 cacher
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