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#58 integrate run-xcachetest with phpbench new moo task trivial
#1 [TODO] A Uptime statistics collector new moo enhancement major
#30 xcache_get_for_update/xcache_lock/xcache_unlock (was Integrated locking system) new moo enhancement trivial
#44 exclude path new moo enhancement major
#74 Some Enhancement. Graph,stats new moo enhancement trivial
#112 better vardata caching by implementing pre-check/post-check algo new moo enhancement major
#169 Cache to Disk Enhancement new moo enhancement major
#175 Feature File Upload upload progress new moo enhancement minor
#179 xcache_set/get Multiple Keys assigned moo enhancement major
#198 xcache with streams on ZEND_ENGINE_2 new moo enhancement major
#202 Documentation new moo enhancement blocker
#206 Shared Cache (? Daemon ?) new moo enhancement major
#226 delete single files from cache new moo enhancement minor
#241 Compiled Code For eval() assigned moo enhancement major
#242 xcache_get() For Multiple Keys assigned moo enhancement major
#253 lazy stat (was: reduce the number of fstat call to help server on SAN and network file servers) assigned moo enhancement major
#268 choosing specified cache slot for xcache_set parameter, xcache_set, variable cache assigned moo enhancement minor
#299 Xcache as session handler new moo enhancement major
#304 Add "logoff" or "log off" to Xcache Main Window new moo enhancement major
#308 Using file system events to detect changed files new moo enhancement minor
#341 建议增加类似apc_cas的功能 userdata new moo enhancement critical
#346 Patch to enable spinlocks (option) spinlock accepted moo enhancement major
#366 Add support for php7 new moo enhancement major
#50 race condiction creating mmap_path file (was trunk segfaults on php 5_2 test suite) new moo defect trivial
#95 Memory is not free()'d after xcache_get() data is unset assigned moo defect major
#149 希望增加 定时清空缓存 new moo defect major
#150 Xcache 1.2.1, php 5.2.5 and Joomla problem Joomla new moo defect major
#155 XCACHE在FASTCGI模式下的内存问题 new moo defect major
#176 xcache_isset support XC_TYPE_PHP assigned moo defect minor
#237 xcache_get() takes out write lock new moo defect minor
#289 class loading fails using stream_wrapper_register for the file:// protocol with xcache enabled accepted moo defect minor
#296 Multiple instances of the same software causes PHP "cannot redeclare class" errors when xcache enabled new dschnepper defect major
#332 XCache crashes accepted moo defect major
#336 segfaults when using XCache 3.0.4 infoneeded moo defect critical
#338 SEGV triggered by xc_restore_zend_op_array accepted moo defect major
#340 XCache 3.1.0 causes nginx 502 bad gateway error infoneeded_new moo defect major
#343 number of cached is equal to number of misses new moo defect major
#351 php-cli -v crash new moo defect major
#352 No input file specified new moo defect blocker
#355 We get "PHP Fatal error:  Cannot redeclare class" after calling to: xcache_clear_cache(XC_TYPE_PHP); Cannot redeclare class new moo defect critical
#358 XCache causes "Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class X" fatal error or segfault with more complex php sources crash new moo defect major
#360 Zend OPcache Compatibility new moo defect major
#362 a bug in class Decompiler_Binop for Decompiler.class.php new moo defect minor
#363 xcache 3.2.0 leaks fd's new moo defect major
#365 __CLASS__ in trait return NULL new moo defect major
#369 XCache with LSAPI by LiteSpeed new moo defect major
#371 Identical files with a static variable that has __DIR__ leads to wrong results. static variable new moo defect critical
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