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#147 solaris, apache2.0 worker mpm: xc_fcntl_lock failed errno:13x moo defect major cacher 1.2.1
#296 Multiple instances of the same software causes PHP "cannot redeclare class" errors when xcache enabled dschnepper defect major cacher 3.0.0
#297 Segmentation fault on php execution moo defect major cacher 3.0.1
#300 Error on PHP files containing multiple namespaces when XCache is enabled moo defect major cacher 3.0.1
#306 nginx 502 response when i enable xcache moo defect major cacher 3.0.1
#307 Segmentation Fault during startup. moo task major cacher 3.0.1
#132 XCache w/ Multiple "Count" option on IIS w/ PHP via FastCGI Fails to Load moo defect critical build 1.2.1
#301 Xcache 3.0.1 / PHP 5.4.13 Apache Child dies moo defect critical cacher 3.0.1
#291 Wrong path for same ??? file moo defect blocker cacher 2.0.1
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