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#37 xcache_get SEGV using objects moo defect major cacher 1.0.1
#2 [TODO] AutoDisableOnCrash moo enhancement major cacher 1.2-dev
#39 xcache.coveragedumper does not work in PHP_INI_PER_DIR or PHP_INI_ALL moo defect major coverager 1.2-dev
#73 check PHP_FCGI_CHILDREN and warn if it's not set for fcgi mode moo enhancement major cacher 1.2-dev
#125 Odd maximum execution time error moo defect major cacher 1.2.0
#116 memory leaks while comparing xcache_get results moo defect major cacher 1.2.1
#133 Wich version useful for me?! moo defect major admin 1.2.1
#164 warning/error when XCache is loaded incorrectly moo enhancement major cacher 1.2.1
#265 php5-fpm segfault while xcache_get a key with object in data moo defect critical cacher 1.3.2
#287 separated cache by vhost, with patch! moo enhancement major cacher 2.0.0
#174 Ability to clear all cache moo enhancement major cacher
#223 E_DEPRECATED error at parsing - Custom error handler cant access previously declared classes moo defect major cacher
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