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#13 doesn't build in current PHP5_2 moo defect blocker cacher 1.0
#34 Apache can't start with PHP/xcache moo defect blocker cacher 1.0
#9 /dev/zero disapearing after starting apache moo task critical cacher 1.0
#33 1.1 stability review due to gc_interval moo defect critical cacher 1.1-dev
#20 support for __HALT_COMPILER() and __COMPILER_HALT_OFFSET__ moo defect major cacher 1.0
#29 win32 error - Invalid argument moo defect major cacher 1.1-dev
#32 Problem with proxy requests and authentication moo defect major cacher
#35 httpd 2.2.2 crash with xcache enabled moo defect major cacher 1.0
#47 xcache_set is broken in current SVN (1.2beta) moo defect major cacher 1.2-dev
#11 implement intelligent purging of cache moo enhancement minor cacher 1.0
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