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#117 __FILE__ doesn't work correctly in hard-linked files moo defect major 1.2.1 fixed
#195 Cannot redeclare () in FILENAME moo defect major 1.2.1 fixed
#170 xcache loads cached PHP files when directory name is changed moo defect major 1.2.2 duplicate
#205 all function to lowercase moo defect major 1.2.2 fixed
#246 Segmentation Fault moo defect major 1.3.0 worksforme
#255 multiple caches of same file and file modification moo defect major 1.3.1 fixed
#264 xcache fails with hardlinked sources and gallery2 moo defect major 1.3.1 fixed
#279 500 error moo defect major 2.0.0 fixed
#282 high miss if file does not exist moo defect minor 2.0.0 fixed
#17 invision power board somebody defect minor 1.0 fixed
#284 Cache not updated after renaming or moving directory moo defect major fixed
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