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(edit) @539   6 years moo fix % used translation
(edit) @538   6 years moo show hits for each hits graph column
(edit) @537   6 years moo added cache init time and instance id
(edit) @536   6 years moo 64M of shm is a good choice
(edit) @535   6 years moo mark current hour in hits graph
(edit) @534   6 years moo fix dprint space for { that without name
(edit) @533   6 years moo status header is more reasonable to be 1st
(edit) @532   6 years moo exports xcache_dprint() to php script for debugging purpose
(edit) @531   7 years moo avoid losing last line
(edit) @530   7 years moo passed w3c validation
(edit) @529   7 years moo removed extra <div>
(edit) @528   7 years moo removed backgrond of percent bar
(edit) @527   7 years moo added legends
(edit) @526   7 years moo allow user decide to show used or free blocks/percent
(edit) @525   7 years moo [523] cont.: fix possible wrong separator in docuemnt root
(edit) @524   7 years moo avoid xcache.coveragedump_directory ending with \0 in phpinfo
(edit) @523   7 years moo fix possible wrong separator in docuemnt root
(edit) @522   7 years moo slide hits per second and hour
(edit) @521   7 years moo add "total" stat
(edit) @520   7 years moo fix overlaps
(edit) @519   7 years moo typo
(edit) @518   7 years moo no wrap for all text inside table
(edit) @517   7 years moo show free blocks as graph
(edit) @516   7 years moo fixed #138: no segv if cache is not initialized correctly
(edit) @515   7 years moo PHP_6: added goto support
(edit) @514   7 years moo auto_globals_jit=off was not needed anymore
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