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(edit) @302   8 years moo c comments fix
(edit) @300   8 years moo debug code to check compiler result size
(edit) @299   8 years moo fix false assertion on php.autoglobal_cnt
(edit) @297   8 years moo kill warnings for debug
(edit) @296   8 years moo fixed compatibility with zo under apache 1.x
(edit) @295   8 years moo remove warnings
(edit) @294   8 years moo trunk: kill warning on solaris compiler
(edit) @293   8 years moo NEWS update
(edit) @292   8 years moo m4 compatibility for solaris
(edit) @291   8 years moo typo of last fix
(edit) @290   8 years moo trunk: fix bad macro name, solaris m4 is picky on it
(edit) @289   8 years moo disassembler: wrong parameter calling destroy_op_array which makes …
(edit) @288   8 years moo removed unused var
(edit) @286   8 years moo news for 1.2.0
(edit) @285   8 years moo bump version to 1.2.0-rc1
(edit) @284   8 years moo processor: ws
(edit) @283   8 years moo removed zend_append_version_info. not needed after [282]
(edit) @282   8 years moo fix possible alloca() scope problem in lock
(edit) @281   8 years moo trunk: keep config.nice on make xcachesvnclean
(edit) @280   8 years moo make [278] works when there's no sohosin/zo
(edit) @279   8 years moo trunk: fixed #48, was leaking info when cacher is not enabled by size
(edit) @278   8 years moo trunk: fix coredump on shutdown when loaded as "extension" and after …
(edit) @272   8 years moo trunk: catch up doc_comment with PHP6
(edit) @271   8 years moo fix auto detection of php-cli/php-cgi for test
(edit) @270   8 years moo make [269] pass test cases
(edit) @269   8 years moo do not destruct shallow copied tmp_auto_globals. also improve copying of …
(edit) @268   8 years moo full compatible with auto_globals_jit, no need to disable it from now on
(edit) @267   8 years moo PHP_6: processor: fix script_encoding eleak
(edit) @264   8 years moo remove false assertion.
(edit) @263   9 years moo PHP6: fix #49, builds again with php 6 devel
(edit) @257   9 years moo coverager: fix -1 problem when XCache is not loaded
(edit) @254   9 years moo fix xcache.var_ttl displaying in info, fix xcache_get for ttl-unlimited
(edit) @250   9 years moo admin: fix switcher class on active
(edit) @249   9 years moo return 0 s instead of empty for deltatime
(edit) @248   9 years moo fix var reference handling, fix #47, Assertion failed on shm
(edit) @236   9 years moo better debugging info
(edit) @235   9 years moo cacher: trick in_compilation state, don't trigger __autoload at compile …
(edit) @234   9 years moo oops, wrong commit
(edit) @233   9 years moo processor: apply reference handling on opcode caching. reverted [196]
(edit) @232   9 years moo processor: fix check_function of DEF_HASH_TABLE_FUNC for dprint
(edit) @231   9 years moo fix zval reference handling
(edit) @230   9 years moo processor: dprint upgrade, added --enable-xcache-dprint
(edit) @229   9 years moo added ext/reflection/tests to testcase list
(edit) @228   9 years moo fixed #45, more robust xc_coverager_get_op_array_size_no_tail
(edit) @227   9 years moo cacher: remove redundant open_basedir check, it's done before compiling, …
(edit) @226   9 years moo cacher: php4 fix for #36
(edit) @225   9 years moo testcase: use default settings unless required
(edit) @224   9 years moo avoid 64bit compiler warning
(edit) @223   9 years moo fix path of xcache-test.ini so xcachetest be run outside of xcache srcdir
(edit) @222   9 years moo add php-src/ext/standard to tests
(edit) @221   9 years moo cacher: fix eleak in op_array non-shadow-copy (readonly_protection=on)
(edit) @220   9 years moo cacher: correct the fix [199] [196] for #36. was breaking testcase …
(edit) @219   9 years moo cacher PHP_5: fix prototype for readonly_protection=off, fix testcase …
(edit) @218   9 years moo processor: uses malloc
(edit) @217   9 years moo processor: reset refcount to 0 to kill leak warning
(edit) @216   9 years moo avoid crash when error compiling
(edit) @215   9 years moo script that help to run php test cases
(edit) @214   9 years moo cacher: fixed #41, don't early bind class that implement interface
(edit) @213   9 years moo fix undefined symnbol max
(edit) @212   9 years moo fixed #41, early class binding
(edit) @210   9 years moo revert wrong commit in [209]
(edit) @209   9 years moo fixed #42, conflict between xcache sandbox and user error handler
(edit) @208   9 years moo coverager: simplify cov data and fix clean
(edit) @207   9 years moo coverager: make xcache_coverager_start works
(edit) @206   9 years moo coverager: fix build
(edit) @205   9 years moo avoid undef'ing DEBUG so one can put DEBUG into CFLAGS
(edit) @204   9 years moo coverager: new api …
(edit) @203   9 years moo cacher: fix sandbox destructor problem that cause memory leak, introduced …
(edit) @202   9 years moo cacher: disable mtime-age when xcache.test is on
(edit) @201   9 years moo coverager: avoid crash when upstream failed to compile file
(edit) @200   9 years moo BUCKET_KEY readability and PHP_6 build fix
(edit) @199   9 years moo processor: remove commented code, fix corruption detected by …
(edit) @198   9 years moo processor: don't introduce spaces in IF*
(edit) @197   9 years moo processor: assertion delta is signed
(edit) @196   9 years moo fix #36, wrong inheriting static class variables
(edit) @195   9 years moo processor: move op_array ctor to be more readable
(edit) @194   9 years moo PHP_5_2: new element in zend_brk_cont_element
(edit) @193   9 years moo kill 64bit warning when self test is enabled
(edit) @192   9 years moo rm directories for xcachesvnclean
(edit) @191   9 years moo bump version to 1.2-dev
(edit) @190   9 years moo trick to load and work with zend optimizer
(edit) @189   9 years moo call op_array_ctor handler on restore to be more compatible with other …
(edit) @188   9 years moo admin: title="detail number"
(edit) @187   9 years moo handle one line struct {}, multiline comments, whitespaces when parsing …
(edit) @186   9 years moo added argument "stop execution after first warning" for m4 to fail if …
(edit) @185   9 years moo Coverager: better error displaying
(edit) @184   9 years moo fix tplcov
(edit) @183   9 years moo Coverager: use script if extension is not loaded or coverager is not …
(edit) @182   9 years moo recognize gb2312/gbk/gb18030 as gb2312. gb2312 lang file for coverager
(edit) @181   9 years moo display errors, we're E_NOTICE free
(edit) @179   9 years moo fix assertion
(edit) @178   9 years moo Processor: fix type processor_t conflict with Mac OS X
(edit) @177   9 years moo syn xcache-zh-gb2312.ini with the English version
(edit) @176   9 years moo Coverager: leaked by outfilename (efree by zend_mm tho)
(edit) @175   9 years moo Coverager: remove double Content-Language
(edit) @174   9 years moo avoid double slash
(edit) @173   9 years moo make dir ended with dir sep
(edit) @172   9 years moo DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR for coverager config example
(edit) @169   9 years moo comments/loops improved in mkstructinfo while avoiding gawk assertion bug …
(edit) @168   9 years moo example on how to load ts enabled extension
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