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(edit) @781   4 years moo Decompiler: handle closure use()
(edit) @780   4 years moo prepare for use()
(edit) @779   4 years moo cacher: fix segv if oplineinfo is used for __FILE __DIR
(edit) @778   4 years moo decompiler: refix FETCH_CONSTANT for PHP_5_3 instead of messing up …
(edit) @777   4 years moo decompiler: refix isset/empty on variable
(edit) @776   4 years moo decompiler: fix isset/empty on variable
(edit) @775   4 years moo str() fix
(edit) @771   4 years moo fix op_array info for __FILE __DIR on restore
(edit) @770   4 years moo fixed #236: kill gcc false warning
(edit) @769   4 years moo fix type of op_type mismsatch for PHP 5-, assert before changing opline_num
(edit) @768   4 years moo ignore EINVAL error for ftruncate on /dev/zero
(edit) @767   4 years moo check return value to avoid gcc warning
(edit) @765   4 years moo news update
(edit) @764   4 years moo 30 seconds timeout for clog checking
(edit) @763   4 years moo readability
(edit) @762   4 years moo Decompiler: improve dumpop for easier reading
(edit) @761   4 years moo Decompiler: simple cover test, make sure all opcode is tested
(edit) @760   4 years moo Decompiler: jmp_set/jmpz adjust
(edit) @759   4 years moo dump global code after function/class
(edit) @758   4 years moo Decompiler: improves break/continue/goto, updates test sample
(edit) @757   4 years moo Decompiler: improves operator decompile
(edit) @756   4 years moo remove unncessary debug code
(edit) @755   4 years moo fix nested function call
(edit) @754   4 years moo Decompiler: foldToCode/str clean up
(edit) @753   4 years moo decompiler: namespace support
(edit) @752   4 years moo DECLARE_CONST
(edit) @751   4 years moo decompiler: improvements late binding function, sample code organize
(edit) @750   4 years moo decompiler: dirty improvement for \r\n
(edit) @749   4 years moo decompiler: massive improvements for php 5 and 5.3
(edit) @748   4 years moo decompiler: make it easier to be consistent with output
(edit) @747   4 years moo adds more code for decompile testing
(edit) @746   4 years moo Decompiler: fix ticks, str
(edit) @745   4 years moo str() fix
(edit) @744   4 years moo remove toString which was unclear design
(edit) @743   4 years moo decompiler: process ZEND_CASE opcode, switch/case is not recognized as …
(edit) @742   4 years moo update decompile test code
(edit) @741   4 years moo consistent type of Decompiler_Code::toCode return
(edit) @740   4 years moo processor: remove extra )
(edit) @737   4 years moo decompiler: fix decompiling runtime array
(edit) @736   4 years moo decompiler: fix argument default value
(edit) @735   4 years moo decompiler: fix array assoc handling, remove default return
(edit) @734   4 years moo add sample code for decompiler
(edit) @733   4 years moo decompiler: avoid ${ literal being recognized
(edit) @732   4 years moo disassembler/decompiler: fix multiline array and indention
(edit) @731   4 years moo PHP_6: disassembler/decompiler: fix function static variable
(edit) @730   4 years moo PHP_6: disassembler/decompiler: fix property
(edit) @729   4 years moo update copyright year
(edit) @727   4 years moo decompiler: missing static members if no class properties
(edit) @725   4 years moo php6 changes is not back ported to branches/1.3
(edit) @724   4 years moo merge from trunk
(edit) @723   4 years moo decompiler: fix computed array elements
(edit) @722   4 years moo method call decompile fix
(edit) @721   4 years moo PHP_6: prepared in literal way for FILE DIR fix up
(edit) @720   4 years moo improve method call decompiler
(edit) @719   4 years moo runtime check for field list assertion to tell which is mismatch
(edit) @718   4 years moo fix assertion failure for PHP4
(edit) @717   4 years moo improve isset/empty for object property
(edit) @716   4 years moo PHP 6: initial catch up with php 6 literals and trait
(edit) @715   4 years moo remove unused foreach code
(edit) @714   4 years moo disassembler: DECLARE_INHERITED_CLASS/DELAYED class not found
(edit) @713   4 years moo disassembler: refix previous partial
(edit) @712   4 years moo updated from eaccelerator
(edit) @711   4 years moo add build dependency for opcode_spec
(edit) @710   4 years moo partial fix for decompiling 5.3
(edit) @709   4 years moo disassembler: don't dump builtin functions
(edit) @707   4 years moo typo
(edit) @705   4 years moo fix builtin constant memory leak on compile
(edit) @704   4 years moo fixed undefined index for xcache.count=1 and xcache.var_size>1
(edit) @703   4 years moo --disable-xcache-constant is 2.x only bug
(edit) @702   4 years moo fix --disable-xcache-constant
(edit) @698   4 years moo fix segv on shutdown when ionCube Loader is loaded
(edit) @697   4 years moo updates news
(edit) @696   4 years moo merge ChangeLog? and NEWS from 1.3
(edit) @694   4 years moo fix quote for gnu win32 native tools
(edit) @690   5 years moo fix build by avoing nested macro with ifdef
(edit) @689   5 years moo hide "remove selected" for php list --此行及以下内容将会被忽略-- M …
(edit) @688   6 years moo segv because dir/filepath is unused by var key, need space optimize later
(edit) @687   6 years moo update op_array->filename for hard link restoring
(edit) @686   6 years moo initize file/dir path
(edit) @685   6 years moo remove debug code
(edit) @684   6 years moo the logic of implemenation of dir/file path fixing was wrong. file/dir …
(edit) @683   6 years moo avoid crash by dirpath/filepath on parser error
(edit) @682   6 years moo PHP_6: fix for function and class talbe similar to previous fix
(edit) @681   6 years moo PHP_6: new zend_constants.dtor which is used to free …
(edit) @679   6 years moo remove superfluous code about auto_globals
(edit) @675   6 years moo improved fixe for #224: 2G/4G limitation on 64bit arch
(edit) @673   6 years moo closes #225, unset by prefix
(edit) @672   6 years moo fix #224, support more than 2G on 64bit arch
(edit) @671   6 years moo move and add back compatibile function to utils.c
(edit) @670   6 years moo fix build for win32
(edit) @669   6 years moo use XCACHE_ERROR_CACHING macro to simplify ifdefs
(edit) @668   6 years moo make #ifdef's looks better for E_DEPRECATED
(edit) @667   6 years moo correct cache class index
(edit) @666   6 years moo use src instead of dst
(edit) @665   6 years moo sync and update ChangeLog? and NEWS from b1.3.0
(edit) @662   6 years moo back patch __FILE and __DIR on cache restore
(edit) @661   6 years moo fix stat() for relative file not in include_path but in current …
(edit) @660   6 years moo PHP6 build fix
(edit) @659   6 years moo PHP 6 fix
(edit) @658   6 years moo fix build with PHP6
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