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(edit) @382   8 years moo could not show module info in admin page when XCache is the last module
(edit) @381   8 years moo merged [380] from 1.2: make life easier for debugging
(edit) @376   8 years moo fix wrong http auth realm quoting
(edit) @375   8 years moo NEWS update
(edit) @374   8 years moo fixed #77, was not updating hits/misses for var cache
(edit) @371   8 years moo fixed #86, enhancement in admin page, remove/edit variable
(edit) @369   8 years moo fixed #89, could not catch exception
(edit) @366   8 years moo fixed #80: avoid negetive GC count down
(edit) @365   8 years moo remove warning
(edit) @363   8 years moo display "free blocks" in the correct location
(edit) @360   8 years moo show hash value in admin
(edit) @359   8 years moo merged from 1.2: fix for #71, fix inode hvalue issue by better hashing
(edit) @356   8 years moo processor: fix warning about undefined item_ for popdef, thanks Elan …
(edit) @355   8 years moo 1.2->trunk: fixed broken configure when XCache source is bundled in php
(edit) @353   8 years moo fixed #67, to success compile on OOM
(edit) @352   8 years moo css fix for percent bar and th font size in firefox
(edit) @351   8 years moo fix tab
(edit) @350   8 years moo use AfxTrace? way of TRACE for release build
(edit) @349   8 years moo build with vc6 by fixing TRAC va_arg
(edit) @348   8 years moo coverager: use strong instead of b
(edit) @347   8 years moo added autom4te.cache to ignore list
(edit) @346   8 years moo disable copying internal class temporarily
(edit) @345   8 years moo copy function/class table correctly by using add_ref
(edit) @344   8 years moo copy internal functions/classes into sandbox, they're needed by compiler
(edit) @343   8 years moo php dump op: check cli argument
(edit) @342   8 years moo processor: only undefine() when defined() to avoid warning with some m4
(edit) @341   8 years moo trunk: merged [339]: remove unnecessary debug code for #56
(edit) @338   8 years moo optimizer: oops, should never commit with debug enabled
(edit) @337   8 years moo 1.2->trunk: [334] robust error handling on shm init
(edit) @336   8 years moo iso compatibility?
(edit) @335   8 years moo optimizer: remove double xc_undo_pass_two/xc_redo_pass_two, avoid …
(edit) @333   8 years moo optimizer: better debug print
(edit) @332   8 years moo optimizer: fix bb head, and remove unused code
(edit) @331   8 years moo optimzer: implement dop for debugging
(edit) @330   8 years moo rebuild zend_try_catch_element
(edit) @329   8 years moo trunk: merged 328, fixed #56: xcache_set segfaults when xcache.var_size=0
(edit) @327   8 years moo add EA_DIR so ppl won't have to stury prepare.devel
(edit) @326   8 years moo optimizer: handle try/catch and make all opnum(opline_num) to be …
(edit) @324   8 years moo add 1.2.0 release date
(edit) @323   8 years moo add xc_php_addref_dmz and s/xc_php_remove_dmz/xc_php_release_dmz/
(edit) @322   8 years moo avoid double free on php hit
(edit) @321   8 years moo admin: show php refcount
(edit) @320   8 years moo cacher: disable extra openbase dir warnning
(edit) @319   8 years moo cacher: handle the case on compiler error, pass testcase bug35740.phpt
(edit) @318   8 years moo accept TEST_ARGS for make xcachetest
(edit) @317   8 years moo cacher: fix stat and skip user stream
(edit) @316   8 years moo optimizer: don't crash on compiler error
(edit) @315   8 years moo compiler cacher: fix early_binding_class argument
(edit) @314   8 years moo compiler cacher: passed most of the testcases
(edit) @313   8 years moo optimizer: fix leak
(edit) @312   8 years moo optimizer: finished building of basic blocks
(edit) @311   8 years moo restruct cached compile, add md5 table to recognize and merge file …
(edit) @310   8 years moo IS_CV code re-arrange
(edit) @309   8 years moo bump version to 2.0.0-dev, and 1.3 will be a backport branch version
(edit) @308   8 years moo basic works on optimizer
(edit) @307   8 years moo stack interface changes
(edit) @306   8 years moo part of [305], make it compiles
(edit) @305   8 years moo TRACE() instead of ifdef/fprintf
(edit) @304   8 years moo bump trunk version to 1.3.0-dev
(edit) @302   8 years moo c comments fix
(edit) @300   8 years moo debug code to check compiler result size
(edit) @299   8 years moo fix false assertion on php.autoglobal_cnt
(edit) @297   8 years moo kill warnings for debug
(edit) @296   8 years moo fixed compatibility with zo under apache 1.x
(edit) @295   8 years moo remove warnings
(edit) @294   8 years moo trunk: kill warning on solaris compiler
(edit) @293   8 years moo NEWS update
(edit) @292   8 years moo m4 compatibility for solaris
(edit) @291   8 years moo typo of last fix
(edit) @290   8 years moo trunk: fix bad macro name, solaris m4 is picky on it
(edit) @289   8 years moo disassembler: wrong parameter calling destroy_op_array which makes …
(edit) @288   8 years moo removed unused var
(edit) @286   9 years moo news for 1.2.0
(edit) @285   9 years moo bump version to 1.2.0-rc1
(edit) @284   9 years moo processor: ws
(edit) @283   9 years moo removed zend_append_version_info. not needed after [282]
(edit) @282   9 years moo fix possible alloca() scope problem in lock
(edit) @281   9 years moo trunk: keep config.nice on make xcachesvnclean
(edit) @280   9 years moo make [278] works when there's no sohosin/zo
(edit) @279   9 years moo trunk: fixed #48, was leaking info when cacher is not enabled by size
(edit) @278   9 years moo trunk: fix coredump on shutdown when loaded as "extension" and after …
(edit) @272   9 years moo trunk: catch up doc_comment with PHP6
(edit) @271   9 years moo fix auto detection of php-cli/php-cgi for test
(edit) @270   9 years moo make [269] pass test cases
(edit) @269   9 years moo do not destruct shallow copied tmp_auto_globals. also improve copying …
(edit) @268   9 years moo full compatible with auto_globals_jit, no need to disable it from now on
(edit) @267   9 years moo PHP_6: processor: fix script_encoding eleak
(edit) @264   9 years moo remove false assertion.
(edit) @263   9 years moo PHP6: fix #49, builds again with php 6 devel
(edit) @257   9 years moo coverager: fix -1 problem when XCache is not loaded
(edit) @254   9 years moo fix xcache.var_ttl displaying in info, fix xcache_get for ttl-unlimited
(edit) @250   9 years moo admin: fix switcher class on active
(edit) @249   9 years moo return 0 s instead of empty for deltatime
(edit) @248   9 years moo fix var reference handling, fix #47, Assertion failed on shm
(edit) @236   9 years moo better debugging info
(edit) @235   9 years moo cacher: trick in_compilation state, don't trigger __autoload at …
(edit) @234   9 years moo oops, wrong commit
(edit) @233   9 years moo processor: apply reference handling on opcode caching. reverted [196]
(edit) @232   9 years moo processor: fix check_function of DEF_HASH_TABLE_FUNC for dprint
(edit) @231   9 years moo fix zval reference handling
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