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(edit) @210   8 years moo revert wrong commit in [209]
(edit) @209   8 years moo fixed #42, conflict between xcache sandbox and user error handler
(edit) @208   8 years moo coverager: simplify cov data and fix clean
(edit) @207   8 years moo coverager: make xcache_coverager_start works
(edit) @206   8 years moo coverager: fix build
(edit) @205   8 years moo avoid undef'ing DEBUG so one can put DEBUG into CFLAGS
(edit) @204   8 years moo coverager: new api …
(edit) @203   8 years moo cacher: fix sandbox destructor problem that cause memory leak, introduced …
(edit) @202   8 years moo cacher: disable mtime-age when xcache.test is on
(edit) @201   8 years moo coverager: avoid crash when upstream failed to compile file
(edit) @200   8 years moo BUCKET_KEY readability and PHP_6 build fix
(edit) @199   8 years moo processor: remove commented code, fix corruption detected by …
(edit) @198   8 years moo processor: don't introduce spaces in IF*
(edit) @197   8 years moo processor: assertion delta is signed
(edit) @196   8 years moo fix #36, wrong inheriting static class variables
(edit) @195   8 years moo processor: move op_array ctor to be more readable
(edit) @194   8 years moo PHP_5_2: new element in zend_brk_cont_element
(edit) @193   8 years moo kill 64bit warning when self test is enabled
(edit) @192   8 years moo rm directories for xcachesvnclean
(edit) @191   8 years moo bump version to 1.2-dev
(edit) @190   8 years moo trick to load and work with zend optimizer
(edit) @189   8 years moo call op_array_ctor handler on restore to be more compatible with other …
(edit) @188   8 years moo admin: title="detail number"
(edit) @187   8 years moo handle one line struct {}, multiline comments, whitespaces when parsing …
(edit) @186   8 years moo added argument "stop execution after first warning" for m4 to fail if …
(edit) @185   8 years moo Coverager: better error displaying
(edit) @184   8 years moo fix tplcov
(edit) @183   8 years moo Coverager: use script if extension is not loaded or coverager is not …
(edit) @182   8 years moo recognize gb2312/gbk/gb18030 as gb2312. gb2312 lang file for coverager
(edit) @181   8 years moo display errors, we're E_NOTICE free
(edit) @179   8 years moo fix assertion
(edit) @178   8 years moo Processor: fix type processor_t conflict with Mac OS X
(edit) @177   8 years moo syn xcache-zh-gb2312.ini with the English version
(edit) @176   8 years moo Coverager: leaked by outfilename (efree by zend_mm tho)
(edit) @175   8 years moo Coverager: remove double Content-Language
(edit) @174   8 years moo avoid double slash
(edit) @173   8 years moo make dir ended with dir sep
(edit) @172   8 years moo DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR for coverager config example
(edit) @169   8 years moo comments/loops improved in mkstructinfo while avoiding gawk assertion bug …
(edit) @168   8 years moo example on how to load ts enabled extension
(edit) @167   8 years moo size=0M is much less confusing than size=0, thank Andrew Arrow :)
(edit) @166   8 years moo use existing hashtable pDestructor to avoid accident undefined symbol
(edit) @165   8 years moo implement xcache.stat. and reimpl [160] for trunk to fix win32 hash …
(edit) @164   8 years moo revert most of [82] back and use dummy ptr
(edit) @163   8 years moo show available shm scheme in moduleinfo
(edit) @162   8 years moo example ini for xcache.shm_scheme
(edit) @161   8 years moo use DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR for windows in config example
(edit) @159   8 years moo fix email for judas_iscariote
(edit) @157   8 years moo bump version to 1.1-rc1
(edit) @154   8 years moo fix segv on MSHUTDOWN
(edit) @153   8 years moo win32/vc build fix
(edit) @152   8 years moo PHP6: zts build
(edit) @151   8 years moo revert [111], they've fixed it
(edit) @150   8 years moo avoid crash when OOM on mem_realloc
(edit) @149   8 years moo fix xcache ini encoding as its filename
(edit) @148   8 years moo reconstruct shm/allocator
(edit) @147   8 years moo show module info in statistics page
(edit) @146   8 years moo avoid reading of uninitialized data. thanks to valgrind
(edit) @145   8 years moo use phpinfo style
(edit) @144   8 years moo compat size() func
(edit) @143   8 years moo fixed string parameter parsing arg type for disassembler functions. thanks …
(edit) @142   8 years moo typo in adminpage
(edit) @141   8 years moo fix cache clear corrupted bug
(edit) @140   8 years moo fix refcount on cache #1 #2
(edit) @139   8 years moo fix debug build
(edit) @138   8 years moo fix build for last commit [137]
(edit) @137   8 years moo changed the coding way of unlinking list. fixed ttl expires dead loop
(edit) @136   8 years moo update last_gc_deletes so it gc by interval
(edit) @135   8 years moo Chinese Traditional translation. thanks to Finjon Kiang.
(edit) @134   8 years moo fix 2nd lang file detecting
(edit) @133   8 years moo admin-page: more friendly if XCache isn't loaded
(edit) @132   8 years moo fix zts on calling destroy_op_array
(edit) @131   8 years moo move open_files out of sandbox, it's not needed
(edit) @130   8 years moo improve locking for compile
(edit) @129   8 years moo minor ttl fix
(edit) @128   8 years moo Chinese translation for xcache.ini
(edit) @127   8 years moo s/uncomment and
(edit) @126   8 years moo fix xcache_isset reported by
(edit) @125   8 years moo sync admin scripts with coverager
(edit) @124   8 years moo Chinese translation for coverager
(edit) @123   8 years moo Chinese translation for admin page
(edit) @122   8 years moo remove typo
(edit) @121   8 years moo removed unused xc_constant_copy_ctor
(edit) @120   8 years moo renamed function name to make it more readable
(edit) @119   8 years moo fix leak in xcache.test=1; XCACHE_VERSION/XCACHE_MODULES length off-by-one
(edit) @118   8 years moo show gc countdown in admin page
(edit) @117   9 years moo fix to compile
(edit) @116   9 years moo hide the debuging msg
(edit) @115   9 years moo sync comment with the wiki
(edit) @114   9 years moo gc expired items, new ini: xcache.ttl xcache.gc_interval xcache.var_ttl …
(edit) @113   9 years moo zts build fix
(edit) @112   9 years moo avoid crash when OOM on mem_(calloc|realloc|strndup)
(edit) @111   9 years moo trigger hash_init+zend_destroy_property_info to compatible with suhosin
(edit) @110   9 years moo align freeblock
(edit) @109   9 years moo size format on size values
(edit) @108   9 years moo update percent bar to vertical/avail
(edit) @107   9 years moo show XCache version
(edit) @106   9 years moo typo
(edit) @105   9 years moo trigger jit on $_SERVER when needed
(edit) @104   9 years moo PHP_6: fix BUCKET_SIZE
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