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(edit) @1117   3 years moo fixed #39: ini_set never work for xcache.coverager setting
(edit) @1106   3 years moo adds disable_on_crash support for win32
(edit) @1026   3 years moo refactor: split extension init to sub module. TODO: compatibility …
(edit) @979   3 years moo closes #2: auto disable on crash
(edit) @927   3 years moo improve notes in ini
(edit) @895   3 years moo adds xcache.admin.enable_auth
(edit) @849   3 years moo note readability
(edit) @605   6 years moo eol-style
(edit) @536   7 years moo 64M of shm is a good choice
(edit) @399   8 years moo added xcache.experimental for use to turn on experimental features
(edit) @268   8 years moo full compatible with auto_globals_jit, no need to disable it from now on
(edit) @204   9 years moo coverager: new api …
(edit) @177   9 years moo syn xcache-zh-gb2312.ini with the English version
(edit) @168   9 years moo example on how to load ts enabled extension
(edit) @167   9 years moo size=0M is much less confusing than size=0, thank Andrew Arrow :)
(edit) @165   9 years moo implement xcache.stat. and reimpl [160] for trunk to fix win32 hash …
(edit) @162   9 years moo example ini for xcache.shm_scheme
(edit) @127   9 years moo s/uncomment and
(edit) @115   9 years moo sync comment with the wiki
(edit) @114   9 years moo gc expired items, new ini: xcache.ttl xcache.gc_interval xcache.var_ttl …
(edit) @101   9 years moo note: xcache.mmap_path is a file
(edit) @44   9 years moo sync with the wiki
(edit) @39   9 years moo update coverager default, update ini inline help
(edit) @34   9 years moo XCache Administration web frontend
(edit) @33   9 years moo coverage dumper web viewer
(add) @1   9 years moo initial import to online
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