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(edit) @957   3 years moo adds to open_files whenever old_compile_file is not called
(edit) @956   3 years moo <=PHP_5_2 duplicate error message failed to include file
(edit) @955   3 years moo fix assert for __DIR
(edit) @954   3 years moo restore open_files handling, it is required. disable included_files which …
(edit) @950   3 years moo stat on resolved path
(edit) @940   3 years moo BC refcount for now
(edit) @939   3 years moo no need to add to open_files
(edit) @938   3 years moo finished sandbox rewrite
(edit) @937   3 years moo still WIP: rewrite sandbox to use callback
(edit) @936   3 years moo change misses to updates. misses is kept for compatibility reason but …
(edit) @931   3 years moo refcount is no longer available for var cache
(edit) @929   3 years moo xc_resolve_path for better name. call util/coverager destroy first
(edit) @925   3 years moo uses MiniDumpWithIndirectlyReferencedMemory?
(edit) @923   3 years moo fix version stuff
(edit) @922   3 years moo kill sign mismatch warning
(edit) @921   3 years moo collect more info in minidump
(edit) @919   3 years moo fix version string in core dump filename
(edit) @918   3 years moo fix dbghelp version check
(edit) @917   3 years moo kill sign/const warning
(edit) @916   3 years moo fix coredump path should be xcache.coredump_directory
(edit) @915   3 years moo code clean up
(edit) @914   3 years moo crash dump support for windows
(edit) @903   3 years moo fixed #281: changing zend_error may left unclean set up when timeout …
(edit) @900   3 years moo fixed #279: segv on cache full
(edit) @894   3 years moo adds xcache.admin.enable_auth
(edit) @888   3 years moo tsrmls fix
(edit) @882   3 years moo use _unlocked suffix for function name instead of _dmz
(edit) @881   3 years moo use _unlocked suffix for function name instead of _dmz
(edit) @876   3 years moo fix warning
(edit) @874   3 years moo missing zero terminator for filename
(edit) @870   3 years moo get : include_path right or dont cache
(edit) @869   3 years moo fix opened_path for when stat=1
(edit) @867   3 years moo include path lookup in cache
(edit) @866   3 years moo is non-unicode only; prepare for handling include_path + stat=0; project …
(edit) @865   3 years moo xce->entry rename
(edit) @864   3 years moo handle opened_path in 1 place
(edit) @862   3 years moo fix previous wrong change on is_autoglobal
(edit) @861   3 years moo add is_autoglobal test
(edit) @860   3 years moo kill warnings
(edit) @859   3 years moo expand_path for DIR FILE support
(edit) @858   3 years moo var set/get/inc/dec tests
(edit) @857   3 years moo fix trace
(edit) @856   3 years moo store entry_var_t
(edit) @854   3 years moo remove type/cache/hvalue from cached copy to reduce memory usage a little …
(edit) @851   3 years moo more readability cache property. reduce memory footprint for data caching
(edit) @848   3 years moo fix md5 digest
(edit) @847   3 years moo fix build for <=PHP_5_2, optimize dirname call
(edit) @846   3 years moo kill most const warning
(edit) @840   3 years moo copy md5 digest correctly in notmemcpy mode
(edit) @832   3 years moo fix DIR FILE handling in literal. path resolve is still in todo
(edit) @827   3 years moo avoid zend_alter_ini_entry which is execute time
(edit) @798   4 years moo fix build: ISREF undefined in <=PHP_5_2
(edit) @781   4 years moo Decompiler: handle closure use()
(edit) @780   4 years moo prepare for use()
(edit) @767   4 years moo check return value to avoid gcc warning
(edit) @764   4 years moo 30 seconds timeout for clog checking
(edit) @721   4 years moo PHP_6: prepared in literal way for FILE DIR fix up
(edit) @716   4 years moo PHP 6: initial catch up with php 6 literals and trait
(edit) @713   4 years moo disassembler: refix previous partial
(edit) @702   4 years moo fix --disable-xcache-constant
(edit) @698   4 years moo fix segv on shutdown when ionCube Loader is loaded
(edit) @687   6 years moo update op_array->filename for hard link restoring
(edit) @686   6 years moo initize file/dir path
(edit) @685   6 years moo remove debug code
(edit) @684   6 years moo the logic of implemenation of dir/file path fixing was wrong. file/dir …
(edit) @683   6 years moo avoid crash by dirpath/filepath on parser error
(edit) @679   6 years moo remove superfluous code about auto_globals
(edit) @673   6 years moo closes #225, unset by prefix
(edit) @672   6 years moo fix #224, support more than 2G on 64bit arch
(edit) @671   6 years moo move and add back compatibile function to utils.c
(edit) @670   6 years moo fix build for win32
(edit) @669   6 years moo use XCACHE_ERROR_CACHING macro to simplify ifdefs
(edit) @662   6 years moo back patch __FILE and __DIR on cache restore
(edit) @661   6 years moo fix stat() for relative file not in include_path but in current executing …
(edit) @656   6 years moo use zend_llist instead of HashTable? for gc_op_arrays
(edit) @653   6 years moo remove warning about unreferenced local variable
(edit) @648   6 years moo also cache/reproduce E_DEPRECATED
(edit) @640   6 years moo copy only internal constant, clean constant on shutdown
(edit) @638   6 years moo PHP_6: incompatible pointer size_t *
(edit) @637   6 years moo PHP_6: fix build
(edit) @631   6 years moo add () suggested by gcc
(edit) @588   6 years moo handle compile time new constant. fixed #208: null as default value for …
(edit) @572   7 years moo [571] was a wrong fix
(edit) @571   7 years moo check for file size to be consistent
(edit) @570   7 years moo disable XCache for cli correctly
(edit) @559   7 years moo fixed #183: fix for some assert.h that conflict with php.h NDEBUG stuffs
(edit) @557   7 years moo fix build for win32
(edit) @556   7 years moo PHP_6: upstream api changed, fix build
(edit) @553   7 years moo better readability
(edit) @551   7 years moo fix build for PHP_4
(edit) @548   7 years moo PHP_5_3 support: uses ZEND_COMPILE_IGNORE_INTERNAL_CLASSES and …
(edit) @547   7 years moo more verbose and user friendly error/warning note
(edit) @544   7 years moo memory leak after using php_basename
(edit) @543   7 years moo renamed DEBUG to XCACHE_DEBUG due to conflict to ext/date
(edit) @542   7 years moo fix false assertion
(edit) @541   7 years moo depends php_date for phpinfo
(edit) @540   7 years moo fixed #83: hash files with same basename into same cache split for better …
(edit) @537   7 years moo added cache init time and instance id
(edit) @533   7 years moo status header is more reasonable to be 1st
(edit) @532   7 years moo exports xcache_dprint() to php script for debugging purpose
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