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(edit) @294   8 years moo trunk: kill warning on solaris compiler
(edit) @270   9 years moo make [269] pass test cases
(edit) @269   9 years moo do not destruct shallow copied tmp_auto_globals. also improve copying …
(edit) @268   9 years moo full compatible with auto_globals_jit, no need to disable it from now on
(edit) @264   9 years moo remove false assertion.
(edit) @235   9 years moo cacher: trick in_compilation state, don't trigger __autoload at …
(edit) @226   9 years moo cacher: php4 fix for #36
(edit) @214   9 years moo cacher: fixed #41, don't early bind class that implement interface
(edit) @213   9 years moo fix undefined symnbol max
(edit) @212   9 years moo fixed #41, early class binding
(edit) @210   9 years moo revert wrong commit in [209]
(edit) @209   9 years moo fixed #42, conflict between xcache sandbox and user error handler
(edit) @203   9 years moo cacher: fix sandbox destructor problem that cause memory leak, …
(edit) @200   9 years moo BUCKET_KEY readability and PHP_6 build fix
(edit) @166   9 years moo use existing hashtable pDestructor to avoid accident undefined symbol
(edit) @148   9 years moo reconstruct shm/allocator
(edit) @131   9 years moo move open_files out of sandbox, it's not needed
(edit) @121   9 years moo removed unused xc_constant_copy_ctor
(edit) @103   9 years moo PHP_6: builds again with php6. update UChar/void ptr to zstr.
(edit) @95   9 years moo fixed #20, default: --enable-xcache-constant=yes
(edit) @88   9 years moo possible fix for #14 "Cannot redeclare ()"
(edit) @19   9 years moo void empty agument for macro for vc6
(edit) @11   9 years moo make it build on windows vc compiler
(edit) @8   9 years moo make opcode_spec_def.h optional
(add) @1   9 years moo initial import to online
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