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(edit) @1488   10 months moo Decompiler PHP_5_6: updated support for zend_ast
(edit) @1475   17 months moo processor: code clean up
(edit) @1474   17 months moo relocate: fix ifrelocate()
(edit) @1472   17 months moo relocate: marco name PTR_FROM_VIRTUAL_EX
(edit) @1471   17 months moo relocate: rename marcos to relocate
(edit) @1461   17 months moo relocate: update dst/src to compile
(edit) @1460   17 months moo relocate: fix handling hash table, TODO: fix dst/src stuff
(edit) @1454   17 months moo relocate: fix struct array
(edit) @1446   17 months moo update relocate
(edit) @1444   17 months moo relocate WIP
(edit) @1443   17 months moo simplify export code
(edit) @1442   17 months moo rename ptrmove to relocate, reduce export to only necessary onces
(edit) @1440   17 months moo adds ptrmove
(edit) @1416   18 months moo remove asm from processor, it just cant be implemented in processor
(edit) @1387   18 months moo readonly protection for copied array, with jmp_addr fixed
(edit) @1386   18 months moo undo readonly protection support for array until fixed
(edit) @1385   18 months moo readonly protection for copied array
(edit) @1380   18 months moo make use of SRC/DST widely
(edit) @1320   21 months moo fix build using old C
(edit) @1313   21 months moo ZEND_STRS ZEND_STRL is inconsist between PHP5.0- and PHP5.0+
(edit) @1287   21 months moo disassembler: fix nullable array handling
(edit) @1112   3 years moo refactor: more strict standard
(edit) @1049   3 years moo mark missing sizeof/countof as warning
(edit) @930   3 years moo fix disassembler for 2.4 literal
(edit) @917   3 years moo kill sign/const warning
(edit) @879   3 years moo release xc_autocheck_done_names even if skipped
(edit) @877   3 years moo kill warning
(edit) @873   3 years moo fix build
(edit) @843   3 years moo PHP_5_4: handle exclude_from_classes
(edit) @835   3 years moo support for null end STRUCT_ARRAY
(edit) @740   4 years moo processor: remove extra )
(edit) @719   4 years moo runtime check for field list assertion to tell which is mismatch
(edit) @662   6 years moo back patch __FILE and __DIR on cache restore
(edit) @534   7 years moo fix dprint space for { that without name
(edit) @393   8 years moo set svn:eol-style
(edit) @230   8 years moo processor: dprint upgrade, added --enable-xcache-dprint
(edit) @178   9 years moo Processor: fix type processor_t conflict with Mac OS X
(edit) @93   9 years moo try to show both count/size assert before abort
(edit) @29   9 years moo outputs info about how autocheck is built
(edit) @11   9 years moo make it build on windows vc compiler
(edit) @4   9 years moo compatibility fix: remove the using of gnu m4 extension
(add) @1   9 years moo initial import to online
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