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(edit) @854   3 years moo remove type/cache/hvalue from cached copy to reduce memory usage a …
(edit) @851   3 years moo more readability cache property. reduce memory footprint for data caching
(edit) @846   3 years moo kill most const warning
(edit) @844   3 years moo kill some warning
(edit) @843   3 years moo PHP_5_4: handle exclude_from_classes
(edit) @841   3 years moo simplify arg_types using null
(edit) @839   3 years moo fix run_time_cache handling, fix SETNULL/COPYNULL mess up
(edit) @837   3 years moo PHP_5_4: improves traits support
(edit) @833   3 years moo handle array/size same way
(edit) @832   3 years moo fix DIR FILE handling in literal. path resolve is still in todo
(edit) @830   3 years moo opcode fix: op2 of ZEND_BIND_TRAITS is unused
(edit) @828   3 years moo fix constant name handling (possible SIGSEGV)
(edit) @825   3 years moo PHP_5_4: improve handling traits yet still need review. values of …
(edit) @822   3 years moo initial PHP_5_4 support
(edit) @785   4 years moo fix false assertion for empty while (1) {}
(edit) @779   4 years moo cacher: fix segv if oplineinfo is used for __FILE __DIR
(edit) @771   4 years moo fix op_array info for __FILE __DIR on restore
(edit) @730   4 years moo PHP_6: disassembler/decompiler: fix property
(edit) @724   4 years moo merge from trunk
(edit) @721   4 years moo PHP_6: prepared in literal way for FILE DIR fix up
(edit) @716   4 years moo PHP 6: initial catch up with php 6 literals and trait
(edit) @713   4 years moo disassembler: refix previous partial
(edit) @710   4 years moo partial fix for decompiling 5.3
(edit) @688   6 years moo segv because dir/filepath is unused by var key, need space optimize later
(edit) @687   6 years moo update op_array->filename for hard link restoring
(edit) @684   6 years moo the logic of implemenation of dir/file path fixing was wrong. file/dir …
(edit) @666   6 years moo use src instead of dst
(edit) @662   6 years moo back patch __FILE and __DIR on cache restore
(edit) @648   6 years moo also cache/reproduce E_DEPRECATED
(edit) @645   6 years moo reverted r643 as it's a false assertion. try another way to get ride …
(edit) @643   6 years moo name/class_name need not deep copy in zend_arg_info
(edit) @628   6 years moo remove unused HashTable_zend_constant
(edit) @562   7 years moo 5.3 support, merge news from 1.2
(edit) @548   7 years moo PHP_5_3 support: uses ZEND_COMPILE_IGNORE_INTERNAL_CLASSES and …
(edit) @534   7 years moo fix dprint space for { that without name
(edit) @515   7 years moo PHP_6: added goto support
(edit) @513   7 years moo PHP_6: fix method prototype
(edit) @508   7 years moo PHP_4: fix build
(edit) @507   7 years moo PHP_6: unicode support for get set etc handlers
(edit) @506   7 years moo optimized function_table/class_table by caching hash value
(edit) @505   7 years moo 1 byte off for zend_constant
(edit) @504   7 years moo PHP_6: updated support
(edit) @503   7 years moo constinfos cannot be fast copied
(edit) @500   7 years moo don't catch compiler error, just warnings
(edit) @498   7 years moo PHP_5_3: deep copy arg_info which is modified by executor
(edit) @496   7 years moo fixed #157: support user error handler for E_STRICT. E_STRICT is now cached
(edit) @495   7 years moo shallow copy for some compiler result infos
(edit) @491   7 years moo PHP_5_3: support for new zvalue_value.type
(edit) @487   7 years moo ZVAL_REFCOUNT was removed in ZendEngine?
(edit) @485   7 years moo 5.3 support
(edit) @484   8 years moo fix: zval_data type size mismatch
(edit) @482   8 years moo fixed #129, added idx_type for PHP_5_3
(edit) @480   8 years moo compile against PHP_5_3
(edit) @393   8 years moo set svn:eol-style
(edit) @311   8 years moo restruct cached compile, add md5 table to recognize and merge file …
(edit) @310   8 years moo IS_CV code re-arrange
(edit) @272   9 years moo trunk: catch up doc_comment with PHP6
(edit) @268   9 years moo full compatible with auto_globals_jit, no need to disable it from now on
(edit) @267   9 years moo PHP_6: processor: fix script_encoding eleak
(edit) @248   9 years moo fix var reference handling, fix #47, Assertion failed on shm
(edit) @233   9 years moo processor: apply reference handling on opcode caching. reverted [196]
(edit) @231   9 years moo fix zval reference handling
(edit) @230   9 years moo processor: dprint upgrade, added --enable-xcache-dprint
(edit) @221   9 years moo cacher: fix eleak in op_array non-shadow-copy (readonly_protection=on)
(edit) @219   9 years moo cacher PHP_5: fix prototype for readonly_protection=off, fix testcase …
(edit) @218   9 years moo processor: uses malloc
(edit) @217   9 years moo processor: reset refcount to 0 to kill leak warning
(edit) @212   9 years moo fixed #41, early class binding
(edit) @200   9 years moo BUCKET_KEY readability and PHP_6 build fix
(edit) @199   9 years moo processor: remove commented code, fix corruption detected by …
(edit) @196   9 years moo fix #36, wrong inheriting static class variables
(edit) @194   9 years moo PHP_5_2: new element in zend_brk_cont_element
(edit) @189   9 years moo call op_array_ctor handler on restore to be more compatible with other …
(edit) @122   9 years moo remove typo
(edit) @114   9 years moo gc expired items, new ini: xcache.ttl xcache.gc_interval …
(edit) @103   9 years moo PHP_6: builds again with php6. update UChar/void ptr to zstr.
(edit) @99   9 years moo sohosin compatible & TSRM fix.
(edit) @95   9 years moo fixed #20, default: --enable-xcache-constant=yes
(edit) @94   9 years moo PHP_5_2: __tostring cache was MFH by php
(edit) @91   9 years moo kill compiler warnings
(edit) @89   9 years moo fix #19 prototype inherit from abstract class
(edit) @78   9 years moo catch up with PHP_5_2, zend_property_info.ce
(edit) @56   9 years moo brings 5.0.x support back
(edit) @11   9 years moo make it build on windows vc compiler
(edit) @4   9 years moo compatibility fix: remove the using of gnu m4 extension
(add) @1   9 years moo initial import to online
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