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(edit) @1578   6 months moo cacher: fix more var caching leaks
(edit) @1576   6 months moo fix some xcache_get leak by refcount
(edit) @1572   6 months moo support for reference value
(edit) @1570   6 months moo kill warning
(edit) @1568   6 months moo handle nested object caching
(edit) @1567   6 months moo use vector for objects/object_handles
(edit) @1566   6 months moo code clean up for vector
(edit) @1565   6 months moo kill some warnings
(edit) @1564   6 months moo cacher: fix recursive object caching, fix multiple object caching …
(edit) @1561   6 months moo fix build for older PHP
(edit) @1560   6 months moo support for autoload in xcache_get
(edit) @1558   6 months moo closes #342: object caching
(edit) @1551   7 months moo merge stack/vector to 1 impl, avoid possible memory leak using malloc
(edit) @1470   19 months moo processor: abstract store target (storage)
(edit) @1468   19 months moo clean up shm handlers
(edit) @1456   19 months moo relocate: fix for virtual_src=0
(edit) @1455   19 months moo relocate: update proto to like memcpy/store/restore, update test code
(edit) @1453   19 months moo update func prototype for relocate
(edit) @1452   19 months moo improve readability using ptradd
(edit) @1448   19 months moo updated relocate impl
(edit) @1446   19 months moo update relocate
(add) @1444   19 months moo relocate WIP
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