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(edit) @716   4 years moo PHP 6: initial catch up with php 6 literals and trait
(edit) @657   6 years moo compile against PHP 4
(edit) @543   7 years moo renamed DEBUG to XCACHE_DEBUG due to conflict to ext/date
(edit) @485   7 years moo 5.3 support
(edit) @477   8 years moo opcodes data is copied but not the op_array. use op_array_handler instead
(edit) @476   8 years moo static function
(edit) @393   8 years moo set svn:eol-style
(edit) @369   8 years moo fixed #89, could not catch exception
(edit) @365   8 years moo remove warning
(edit) @338   8 years moo optimizer: oops, should never commit with debug enabled
(edit) @335   8 years moo optimizer: remove double xc_undo_pass_two/xc_redo_pass_two, avoid …
(edit) @333   8 years moo optimizer: better debug print
(edit) @332   8 years moo optimizer: fix bb head, and remove unused code
(edit) @331   8 years moo optimzer: implement dop for debugging
(edit) @330   8 years moo rebuild zend_try_catch_element
(edit) @326   8 years moo optimizer: handle try/catch and make all opnum(opline_num) to be …
(edit) @316   8 years moo optimizer: don't crash on compiler error
(edit) @313   8 years moo optimizer: fix leak
(edit) @312   8 years moo optimizer: finished building of basic blocks
(edit) @308   8 years moo basic works on optimizer
(edit) @302   8 years moo c comments fix
(add) @1   9 years moo initial import to online
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