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(edit) @1561   5 months moo fix build for older PHP
(edit) @1551   5 months moo merge stack/vector to 1 impl, avoid possible memory leak using malloc
(edit) @1532   7 months moo define XCACHE_DEBUG in phpized
(edit) @1431   18 months moo fix warning
(edit) @1413   18 months moo typo undef
(edit) @1405   18 months moo rewrite try/catch handling to fix nested try/catch
(edit) @1398   18 months moo fix optimizer for try/catch/finally when either catch/finally is omitted
(edit) @1351   19 months moo Optimizer: remove unused var
(edit) @1321   21 months moo add back PHP_4 code for disassembler
(edit) @1310   21 months moo optimizer: fix recalc of catch_op/finally_op
(edit) @1286   21 months moo kill sign warning
(edit) @1284   21 months moo PHP_5_5: optimizer: support for finally
(edit) @1281   21 months moo remove php 4 support completely
(edit) @1280   21 months moo optimizer: fix devel debug output
(edit) @1279   21 months moo optimizer: WIP improve finally handling
(edit) @1278   21 months moo disable optimizer for PHP 5.5 for now. TODO: support for …
(edit) @1276   22 months moo optimizer: fix debug build
(edit) @1250   23 months moo fix optimizer debug
(edit) @1249   23 months moo remove unused code
(edit) @1213   2 years moo add support for PHP_5_5
(edit) @1208   2 years moo PHP_5_4: fix for ZEND_JMP_SET_VAR
(edit) @1151   2 years moo s/my_/xc_/g
(edit) @1112   3 years moo refactor: more strict standard
(edit) @1047   3 years moo refactor: fall back to more simpler trick
(edit) @1045   3 years moo refactor: bring back compatibility with Zend Optimizer
(edit) @1043   3 years moo update name for php info
(edit) @1033   3 years moo name clash
(edit) @1026   3 years moo refactor: split extension init to sub module. TODO: compatibility …
(edit) @1008   3 years moo kill signed warning
(copy) @1003   3 years moo refactor: fix build for optimizer, use mod_* directories
copied from trunk/submodules/xc_optimizer.c:
(copy) @982   3 years moo move files to subdirs
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