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(edit) @605   6 years moo eol-style
(edit) @478   8 years moo scheme=malloc was broken in [470]
(edit) @470   8 years moo merged r466 from b1.2: support shm-malloc only on --enable-xcache-test
(edit) @412   8 years moo fix for new build system
(edit) @355   8 years moo 1.2->trunk: fixed broken configure when XCache source is bundled in php
(edit) @230   8 years moo processor: dprint upgrade, added --enable-xcache-dprint
(edit) @148   9 years moo reconstruct shm/allocator
(edit) @95   9 years moo fixed #20, default: --enable-xcache-constant=yes
(edit) @37   9 years moo correct warning for coverager
(edit) @31   9 years moo fix last commit about ||
(edit) @30   9 years moo use mkstructinfo no matter if test is enabled, but ignore the awk error
(edit) @27   9 years moo rename coverage -> coverager
(edit) @26   9 years moo list modules compiled in XCache
(edit) @22   9 years moo do not depends on mkstructinfo.awk if test is not enabled
(edit) @15   9 years moo fix processor.out generating
(add) @11   9 years moo make it build on windows vc compiler
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