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(edit) @851   3 years moo more readability cache property. reduce memory footprint for data caching
(edit) @689   5 years moo hide "remove selected" for php list --此行及以下内容将会被忽略-- M …
(edit) @605   6 years moo eol-style
(edit) @530   7 years moo passed w3c validation
(edit) @529   7 years moo removed extra <div>
(edit) @527   7 years moo added legends
(edit) @526   7 years moo allow user decide to show used or free blocks/percent
(edit) @522   7 years moo slide hits per second and hour
(edit) @521   7 years moo add "total" stat
(edit) @519   7 years moo typo
(edit) @518   7 years moo no wrap for all text inside table
(edit) @517   7 years moo show free blocks as graph
(edit) @456   8 years moo fixed #133: add "compile failures" in XCache admin stats
(edit) @371   8 years moo fixed #86, enhancement in admin page, remove/edit variable
(edit) @363   8 years moo display "free blocks" in the correct location
(edit) @360   8 years moo show hash value in admin
(edit) @352   8 years moo css fix for percent bar and th font size in firefox
(edit) @321   8 years moo admin: show php refcount
(edit) @188   9 years moo admin: title="detail number"
(edit) @147   9 years moo show module info in statistics page
(edit) @146   9 years moo avoid reading of uninitialized data. thanks to valgrind
(edit) @125   9 years moo sync admin scripts with coverager
(edit) @123   9 years moo Chinese translation for admin page
(edit) @118   9 years moo show gc countdown in admin page
(edit) @109   9 years moo size format on size values
(edit) @108   9 years moo update percent bar to vertical/avail
(edit) @107   9 years moo show XCache version
(edit) @84   9 years moo handle without inodes
(edit) @60   9 years moo closes #8, simple docs for admin pages
(edit) @47   9 years moo fix cycle for freeblocks
(edit) @46   9 years moo css update
(add) @34   9 years moo XCache Administration web frontend
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