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(edit) @1325   19 months moo adds opcode string for PHP5.2 seperately for easier compiling
(edit) @1324   19 months moo devel: make deps works before build
(edit) @1321   19 months moo add back PHP_4 code for disassembler
(edit) @1312   19 months moo update dependencies
(edit) @1283   19 months moo add dependency for test/dprint/debug
(edit) @1281   19 months moo remove php 4 support completely
(edit) @1270   19 months moo updated build dependency for 5.5
(edit) @1160   2 years moo fixed #290: workaround phpize vs fbsd make bug again
(edit) @1141   2 years moo updated dependency
(edit) @1135   2 years moo refactor: s/mem/allocator/
(edit) @1114   2 years moo updated dependency
(edit) @1096   3 years moo updated dependency
(edit) @1051   3 years moo refactor: move more cache stuffs to mod_cacher
(edit) @1046   3 years moo update deps
(edit) @1040   3 years moo split cacher as sub module
(edit) @1026   3 years moo refactor: split extension init to sub module. TODO: compatibility …
(edit) @1018   3 years moo updated deps header
(edit) @1015   3 years moo fix dependency for includes.i
(add) @1011   3 years moo script generated deps
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