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Diff Rev Age Author Log Message
(edit) @1459   21 months Xuefer ws fix
(edit) @1446   21 months Xuefer update relocate
(edit) @1444   21 months Xuefer relocate WIP
(edit) @1440   21 months Xuefer adds ptrmove
(edit) @1416   22 months Xuefer remove asm from processor, it just cant be implemented in processor
(edit) @1406   23 months Xuefer fix pointer type mismatch warning
(edit) @1393   23 months Xuefer adds fix pointer for hash table
(edit) @1380   23 months Xuefer make use of SRC/DST widely
(edit) @1352   2 years Xuefer processor: fix warning
(edit) @1201   3 years Xuefer fix some 64bit warnings
(edit) @932   3 years Xuefer arKey should be NULL for numeric index
(edit) @930   3 years Xuefer fix disassembler for 2.4 literal
(edit) @844   3 years Xuefer kill some warning
(edit) @843   3 years Xuefer PHP_5_4: handle exclude_from_classes
(edit) @824   3 years Xuefer PHP_5_4: empty hashtable was optimized
(edit) @823   3 years Xuefer PHP_5_4: HashTable? bucket changes
(edit) @822   3 years Xuefer initial PHP_5_4 support
(edit) @721   4 years Xuefer PHP_6: prepared in literal way for FILE DIR fix up
(edit) @534   7 years Xuefer fix dprint space for { that without name
(edit) @504   8 years Xuefer PHP_6: updated support
(edit) @393   8 years Xuefer set svn:eol-style
(edit) @284   9 years Xuefer processor: ws
(edit) @232   9 years Xuefer processor: fix check_function of DEF_HASH_TABLE_FUNC for dprint
(edit) @230   9 years Xuefer processor: dprint upgrade, added --enable-xcache-dprint
(edit) @200   9 years Xuefer BUCKET_KEY readability and PHP_6 build fix
(edit) @196   9 years Xuefer fix #36, wrong inheriting static class variables
(edit) @58   9 years Xuefer refix as in the example from …
(edit) @50   9 years Xuefer patch for hardening-patch
(edit) @4   9 years Xuefer compatibility fix: remove the using of gnu m4 extension
(add) @1   9 years Xuefer initial import to online
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