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(edit) @694   7 years Xuefer fix quote for gnu win32 native tools
(edit) @642   9 years Xuefer make indent optional in Makefile so when it coredump in somecase won't …
(edit) @605   9 years Xuefer eol-style
(edit) @590   9 years Xuefer change the way to run all php tests, with php-src php-cli php-cgi …
(edit) @585   9 years Xuefer patch from rcasagraude, quote macro definiton in m4 command line to …
(edit) @499   10 years Xuefer updated dependency for xcache.lo
(edit) @355   11 years Xuefer 1.2->trunk: fixed broken configure when XCache source is bundled in php
(edit) @318   12 years Xuefer accept TEST_ARGS for make xcachetest
(edit) @281   12 years Xuefer trunk: keep config.nice on make xcachesvnclean
(edit) @223   12 years Xuefer fix path of xcache-test.ini so xcachetest be run outside of xcache srcdir
(edit) @215   12 years Xuefer script that help to run php test cases
(edit) @192   12 years Xuefer rm directories for xcachesvnclean
(edit) @148   12 years Xuefer reconstruct shm/allocator
(edit) @75   12 years Xuefer proc all signal that may generate a core
(edit) @53   12 years Xuefer autoconf info said grep might not have -F on some os
(edit) @38   12 years Xuefer dirty fix for non-gnu make, until php build system fix it
(edit) @36   12 years Xuefer fix for fbsd
(edit) @35   12 years Xuefer -E isn't a validate argument of m4 in fbsd
(edit) @30   12 years Xuefer use mkstructinfo no matter if test is enabled, but ignore the awk error
(edit) @24   12 years Xuefer remove testing flags
(edit) @22   12 years Xuefer do not depends on mkstructinfo.awk if test is not enabled
(edit) @11   12 years Xuefer make it build on windows vc compiler
(edit) @6   12 years Xuefer compatibility fix
(add) @1   12 years Xuefer initial import to online
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