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(edit) @750   4 years Xuefer decompiler: dirty improvement for \r\n
(edit) @749   4 years Xuefer decompiler: massive improvements for php 5 and 5.3
(edit) @746   4 years Xuefer Decompiler: fix ticks, str
(edit) @745   4 years Xuefer str() fix
(edit) @744   4 years Xuefer remove toString which was unclear design
(edit) @743   4 years Xuefer decompiler: process ZEND_CASE opcode, switch/case is not recognized as …
(edit) @741   4 years Xuefer consistent type of Decompiler_Code::toCode return
(edit) @737   4 years Xuefer decompiler: fix decompiling runtime array
(edit) @736   4 years Xuefer decompiler: fix argument default value
(edit) @735   4 years Xuefer decompiler: fix array assoc handling, remove default return
(edit) @733   4 years Xuefer decompiler: avoid ${ literal being recognized
(edit) @732   5 years Xuefer disassembler/decompiler: fix multiline array and indention
(edit) @731   5 years Xuefer PHP_6: disassembler/decompiler: fix function static variable
(edit) @730   5 years Xuefer PHP_6: disassembler/decompiler: fix property
(edit) @727   5 years Xuefer decompiler: missing static members if no class properties
(edit) @723   5 years Xuefer decompiler: fix computed array elements
(edit) @722   5 years Xuefer method call decompile fix
(edit) @720   5 years Xuefer improve method call decompiler
(edit) @717   5 years Xuefer improve isset/empty for object property
(edit) @716   5 years Xuefer PHP 6: initial catch up with php 6 literals and trait
(edit) @714   5 years Xuefer disassembler: DECLARE_INHERITED_CLASS/DELAYED class not found
(edit) @713   5 years Xuefer disassembler: refix previous partial
(edit) @522   8 years Xuefer slide hits per second and hour
(edit) @393   8 years Xuefer set svn:eol-style
(add) @1   9 years Xuefer initial import to online
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