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(edit) @559   6 years moo fixed #183: fix for some assert.h that conflict with php.h NDEBUG stuffs
(edit) @558   7 years moo removed typo
(edit) @557   7 years moo fix build for win32
(edit) @556   7 years moo PHP_6: upstream api changed, fix build
(edit) @555   7 years moo remove signed/unsigned warning
(edit) @554   7 years moo fix build for vc for strict c rule
(edit) @553   7 years moo better readability
(edit) @552   7 years moo typo
(edit) @551   7 years moo fix build for PHP_4
(edit) @550   7 years moo PHP_5_2: 5.2.6 has its own changes which is not the same as in 5_3 for …
(edit) @549   7 years moo check get_magic_quotes_gpc which is deprecated
(edit) @548   7 years moo PHP_5_3 support: uses ZEND_COMPILE_IGNORE_INTERNAL_CLASSES and …
(edit) @547   7 years moo more verbose and user friendly error/warning note
(edit) @546   7 years moo added password generator tool
(edit) @545   7 years moo fixed undefined symbol zend_vspprintf, use vspprintf instead
(edit) @544   7 years moo memory leak after using php_basename
(edit) @543   7 years moo renamed DEBUG to XCACHE_DEBUG due to conflict to ext/date
(edit) @542   7 years moo fix false assertion
(edit) @541   7 years moo depends php_date for phpinfo
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