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refactor: bring back compatibility with Zend Optimizer

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[1026]1#ifndef XC_EXTENSION_H_9885D3A6DE7C469D13E34AF331E02BB8
2#define XC_EXTENSION_H_9885D3A6DE7C469D13E34AF331E02BB8
4#if _MSC_VER > 1000
5#pragma once
[1044]6#endif /* _MSC_VER > 1000 */
[1045]8#include "util/xc_stack.h"
[1026]9#include "zend_extensions.h"
[1045]10int xcache_zend_extension_prepend(zend_extension *new_extension);
11int xcache_zend_extension_remove(zend_extension *extension);
12int xcache_zend_extension_count_by_prefix(zend_llist *l, const char *extension_name_prefix);
13void xcache_zend_extension_unlink_by_prefix(xc_stack_t *unlinked, zend_llist *l, const char *extension_name_prefix);
15void xcache_llist_prepend(zend_llist *l, zend_llist_element *element);
16void xcache_llist_unlink(zend_llist *l, zend_llist_element *element);
18#endif /* XC_EXTENSION_H_9885D3A6DE7C469D13E34AF331E02BB8 */
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