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1typedef struct _xc_lock_t xc_lock_t;
3xc_lock_t *xc_fcntl_init(const char *pathname);
4void xc_fcntl_destroy(xc_lock_t *lck);
5void xc_fcntl_lock(xc_lock_t *lck);
6void xc_fcntl_unlock(xc_lock_t *lck);
8#define xc_lock_init(name)  xc_fcntl_init(name)
9#define xc_lock_destroy(fd) xc_fcntl_destroy(fd)
10#define xc_lock(fd)         xc_fcntl_lock(fd)
11#define xc_unlock(fd)       xc_fcntl_unlock(fd)
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