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fix for ZTS

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[43c2392]1#ifndef XC_LOCK_H_1913F3DED68715D7CDA5A055E79FE0FF
2#define XC_LOCK_H_1913F3DED68715D7CDA5A055E79FE0FF
4#if _MSC_VER > 1000
5#pragma once
[12e8dc0]6#endif /* _MSC_VER > 1000 */
[4389208]8typedef struct _xc_lock_t xc_lock_t;
[beeb22d]10xc_lock_t *xc_lock_init(const char *pathname, int interprocess /* only with ZTS */);
11void xc_lock_destroy(xc_lock_t *lck);
12void xc_lock(xc_lock_t *lck);
13void xc_unlock(xc_lock_t *lck);
15#endif /* XC_LOCK_H_1913F3DED68715D7CDA5A055E79FE0FF */
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